Mining is one of the fastest and the best way to earn rewards. The task of mining can either be done at a mining website or you can set up your own mining program. To set up your program you need to buy the ETH mining hardware. After that you will be able to join mining pools where all the other miners come together and share their power to further mine. 

  • Ethpool is one of the few official mining pool. In fact it is one of the most popular pooling site. After sometime, the pool stopped accepting new users because of high workload which was generated. If you are an Ethereum Hunter then this is the forest you are looking for. Ethpool has about 31% of hashrate. You can also buy eth futures from ETHPool.
To start off, you need C++ETH Version of Ethereum
Market share: 23%
Current Hash Rate: 423.1 GH/s
Fees: 1.0%

  • Nanopool

The recently developed site has earned commendable amount of fame and crowd on its userface. It is one of the largest mining pools of Ethereum. The minimum hashrate which has been recommended by most of the senior traders is 5 Mhesh/s. The pool is equipped with realiable servers which are accepted globally. This too has a very intuitive interface. It is very convenient to use as well. Nanopool has a high minimum payout amount. If you do not wantto wait for a long time for payment, then do not connect from 3 farms. It generates around 13% of the hashrate in the network. 
Market share: 8%
Current Hash rate: 16,846 GH/s
Fees: 1.0%

  • F2Pool

It was one of the most popular pools n 2019 and still holds a stern position in today’s market. The network servers of this pool is located in China and other Asian countries. It has a few networks in USA as well. To enter this pool too, you need to complete the whole registration process. The pool is open and accessible. The site contributes to about 11% of the hashrates. It is highly recommended in Asia.
Market share: 10%
Current Hashrate: 18.39 TH/s
Fees: 3.0%

  • MiningPoolHub

The mining pool enables you to exchange digital coins with the help of payment systems and also allows you to mine ethereum. The algorithm used in this pool is PPLNS. The Pool has about 7.6% of the hashrates. However, this pool is used by the professional Ethereum hunters. The server has multiple locations globally which ensures better and much more reliable mining process.
Market share: 3.7%
Current hashrate: 7.05T/s
Fees: 1.0%

  1. DwarfPool

It is a very versatile pool according to the reviews of senior miners. Ethereum, Monera and many other coins can be mined on this network. It constitutes of 4.3% of the hashrate in the network. While withdrawing funds, you need to have minimum 1.01 ETH or else you will not be able to cash out.
Fee Charged: 1.0

There are a few other mining pool, but you need to review and find your comfort in anyone of them. Even though a pool might be the best one, you might not click or get very user friendly with it. so explore and find your pool. If you are a beginner, then always go with a pool with lower hash rate. In case you want to join a crypto league, then choose the right one. However, mining pools will give you greater profits.